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High-tech machinery

If you want to manufacture special components or complete machines, you need highly specialized machines yourself. Together with the people who operate them, they are therefore the decisive criterion of quality when choosing a machine builder. Horstmann strives to be one of the leading companies in the Münsterland in this field as well. Because a solid technical foundation allows us to realize your desired product more precisely, quickly and economically.

Speed is not witchcraft – but a question of the right equipment.

Best equipped

We are regularly expanding our machine park with state-of-the-art equipment. Starting with various CNC milling machines and CNC lathes to metal band and metal circular saws to MIG, MAG and TIG welding equipment, we can handle all the important work steps internally. Our in-house painting facility also allows us to coat components or equipment with paints and other protective coatings. We have listed some machine highlights on this page. You can also get a complete overview by clicking on the button List of machines.

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Horstmann Maschinenbau Personen am Computer

CAD/CAM workstations

Whether it is a simple series workpiece in 3-axis machining or a complex 5-axis component with simultaneous machining: All CNC machines that we use in contract manufacturing are programmed via two modern CAD/CAM workstations in two-shift operation. In terms of software, the market leader SolidCAM with its advanced iMachining technology has proven itself for Horstmann Maschinenbau.

On the other hand, we trust VERICUT from CGTech to virtually simulate the machining operations in advance and to perform complex clamping situations without collisions. In combination with our employees who are specially trained for programming, this results in an overall package that has no need to shy away from any competition, even internationally. Neither in terms of working speed, nor in terms of accuracy – and the resulting price.

Horstmann Maschinenbau CNC

CNC milling

The latest CNC investment for Horstmann Maschinenbau was the Hermle C 42 machining center including the HS flex handling system. The German high-performance system is used for our contract manufacturing with demanding geometry. A swivel table and pick-up changer with direct access to 40 tools are integrated.

In addition, there is an additional magazine with 192 tools and a pallet changer with 19 immediately retrievable positions. As a result, the C 42 produces highly complex 3D workpieces with a speed and precision that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. The machining center is operated via a Heidenhain TNC640 control.

Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung Maschine
Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung Maschine

Complementary milling machines

As supplementary CNC milling, we use the DMF-180 4-axis machining center from DMG Mori, controlled by an iTNC530 from Heidenheim. We perform 3-axis machining with a Hermle C-800 V and Heidenhain TNC430 control as well as DMG Mori DMF220 linear including Heidenhain iTNC530.

Horstmann Maschinenbau Person an CNC
Horstmann Maschinenbau CNC
Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung CTX 420

CNC turning

For CNC turning work, Horstmann Maschinenbau relies on the Gildemeister CTX420 linear V6 turning and milling center. Controlled by the Heidenhain CNCPilot 4290, the machine equipped with linear drives and bar bearings copes effortlessly even with complex machining specifications. Lowest tolerances and short changeover times ensure highly efficient turned part production. We also use a Weiler E40 with Weiler 840D/SL1 control and a Weiler C30 with C2 control unit as additional CNC lathes.

CNC saws

CNC saws are among the most frequently used tools for a special machine builder of our rank. Preferably, we use a Kaltenbach KKS451NA. The universal circular saw has a saw blade with a diameter of 450 mm and enables fully automated processing of flat, angular and solid material as well as tubes and special profiles. Thanks to double-sided workpiece clamping as well as automatic calculation of the rotation speed and feed rate, it impresses with its first-class cutting quality. In addition, the electronic cutting height adjustment and the saw blade rapid return ensure the shortest possible cycle and cutting times. The long material is also fed automatically from 20 stations via the FM1 flat magazine and T3 transport system.

Main tool: CNC circular saw KKS451NA with FM1/T3 magazine (20 slots)
Additional tool for NC band saws: Behringer HBP310 / 4036A
Special tool for aluminum saws: Kaltenbach TL450 vertical circular saw
Horstmann Maschinenbau CNC Sägen
Horstmann Maschinenbau CNC Sägen
Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung

Paint shop

As one of the few machine builders in the Westmünsterland, our assembly shop has a professional paint booth. The DURST type D-SK26 booth is 7 m long, 3.5 m wide and 4 m high – and thus ideally suited to give your manufactured metal or plastic components the final coat of paint. We work exclusively in the wet painting process with high-quality industrial paints. The rail system suspension and high-performance extraction and heating-drying units ensure flawless and permanently consistent results. Attached to the paint booth is a room, also just under 25 square meters in size, for comprehensive pre- and post-processing. Learn more about our wide range of surface treatment services:

Surface treatment

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