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Excellent machinery made in Münsterland

Progressive ideas can only thrive in an urban environment? Far from it!  Horstmann Maschinenbau is the best proof that rural regions like the Münsterland can also produce innovation drivers. Maybe our success is the result of promoting the reconciliation of family and working life well before the term work-life balance became known in this country. Or because the immediate proximity to nature promotes creative thinking and mental balance in a very special way. However, we are not cut-off from urban life with nearby cities such as Münster and the Dutch town of Enschede, which are right on our doorstep. And the Ruhrgebiet is less than an hour’s drive away.

Who we are Machinery Career Training

What makes us happy: the natural location in the middle of the Münsterland
What defines us: our typical Westphalian family friendliness
What opens our hearts: the close proximity to the Netherlands and the Ruhrgebiet

Focused on technology. With people at the center.

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