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Boxmaker Systems: Packaging-On-Demand

The switch to packaging-on-demand is one of the crucial issues for companies to optimize their internal shipping process. They have realized that they can drastically reduce their costs by producing in-house shipping packaging.

Horstmann Maschinenbau picked up on the growing demand early on and developed the appropriate solutions with the Boxmaker Systems. The name already indicates this: We implement the future topic Packaging-on-Demand holistically! In contrast to other suppliers, Horstmann Maschinenbau also supplies customized peripheral modules such as conveyor systems, case erectors or scanners.

The technical centerpieces are the carton cutting machines of the BM Cutter series and BM Cutter eco as a compact version. They enable companies of almost any size to produce their own shipping cartons just-in-time. Exactly in the quantity they need. In exactly the size required by the goods to be shipped. The positive effects of box-on-demand production extend far beyond time and material savings. Important factors such as customer satisfaction and sustainability considered as well.


BM Cutter BM Cutter Eco PERIPHERY

over 20% corrugated board saving
around 40% volume reduction
just under 50% less filling material
up to 30% lower shipping costs

Boxmaker Systems

The distribution process in companies is undergoing a historic upheaval. Faster and faster, more and more cost-effective, and even more environmentally friendly, shipping must function in the face of skyrocketing order numbers. Our packaging-on-demand concept Boxmaker Systems starts at the root to meet the new requirements with customized packaging.

Advantages of the Boxmaker at a glance


Material saving

Push your material expenses to an absolute minimum. Our Boxmaker Systems produce corrugated cardboard boxes in size and quantity exactly as required. The box-on-demand process has the additional cost-saving effect that the amount of filling material required is also reduced by up to half.


Optimized warehousing

Your storage space is too valuable to block it with empty cartons and filling material. All you need is a BM Cutter or BM Cutter eco, flat-layered continuous corrugated board and, if required, the right transport peripherals. It does not get any more space-saving than this – so you reclaim valuable operating space.


Protecting the environment

Customized packaging is of great ecological benefit. On the one hand, they reduce the overall volume of waste. For another, every meter of cardboard packaging not produced conserves natural resources and improves the CO2 balance. Not to mention the decimated, often plastic-based filling material.


More efficient shipping

Reduced packaging sizes mean reduced costs in shipping. Thanks to box-on-demand, your order processing is also measurably accelerated. If you want, even with almost no personnel effort. Because the Boxmaker Systems function fully automatically thanks to the ERP interface.


Higher customer satisfaction

Do not give your customers reason to criticize you. With Boxmaker Systems’ dimensionally accurate shipping boxes, you reduce the amount of waste at the recipient’s end. On the other hand, transport damages hardly ever occur anymore. The customer will thank you – by ordering again.

Retool and let the air out of the box!

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