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High-end metal & plastic machining

Are you looking for a full-service CNC machinist that can also manufacture demanding geometric components at high speed? Welcome to our world! Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and CNC lathes, we are able to produce all desired shapes from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and hard plastics. We work either according to your specifications or, if you wish, according to our own design. Whether you then need your component in large series, small series or as a single part is irrelevant.

Our high level of automation and specially trained machining staff ensure the shortest possible set-up times and maximum precision at the lowest possible price. We are happy to take care of upstream tasks such as material procurement as well as post-processing measures from polishing to painting. If your machined parts are ultimately to be turned into a functional assembly or complete system, Horstmann Maschinenbau is also the ideal partner. For further information, please refer to Surface Treatment and Assembly Production.

Machining of metals & hard plastics of all kinds
Manufacturing of large series, small series & individual parts incl. prototypes
Implementation according to customer specifications or own design
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Hermle C42U for top performance

Among other things, we work with the Hermle C42U high-performance machining center, which allows milling and turning of complex 3D components in five axes. The machining system is programmed and controlled via two comprehensively equipped CAD-CAM workstations including simulation software. For the pure production of turned parts, we use high-performance CNC sliding and sliding headstock lathes that deliver extremely fast and correspondingly economical machining with fitting tolerances below 0.01 mm.

Further information on the most important cutting machines as well as a complete overview for download can be found in the machinery section.


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