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The supreme discipline of assembly production

Many can machine separate metal and plastic parts to specification. Probably not quite as fast, precise and cost-efficient as Horstmann Maschinenbau – but still. Only a few, however, have mastered the supreme discipline in contract manufacturing: The assembly of complete subassemblies up to fully functional plants. It is precisely in this area that we can excel, thanks to our decades of expertise in special machine construction. We are already eager to bring our broad and profound know-how to bear on your assembly project!


Depending on the requirements, we use the TIG, MAG or MIG process


We ensure the implementation and functionality of all mechanical parts

Electrical system

We master the small wiring as well as the control cabinet construction

Final inspection

No assembly or system leaves our production without extensive testing

From the initial idea to production and assembly
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We procure necessary special elements

Starting with welding work of any kind, through the construction of complex mechanics, to the installation of all electrical and electronic components, we cover the entire process. If special machine elements such as rolling bearings, pneumatics, hydraulics, controls or drives are required, we take care of the procurement as well.

If you have only an idea so far, but literally no plan how your system should work, contact us as well. Our engineers look forward to any new design challenge during assembly production.

Assembly of components according to customer specifications or own planning
Optimization of existing design specifications on request
Fulfillment of welding quality requirements according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3
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