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Surface treatment from A to Z

Horstmann Maschinenbau is one of the few contract manufacturers in the Münsterland to offer a wide range of surface treatments for its production parts. Conscientious visual inspection and checking for completeness are part of our indisputable standard, and the same applies to intensive cleaning. If necessary, we manually tackle the accurate deburring and polishing of your production parts.

However, our surface treatment options are by no means exhausted with this. Would you like to additionally harden and galvanize your component? Or does the finished system require a heat-resistant paint finish? Tell us what you want and we will prepare a suitable offer for you.


in-house painting Electroplating & chemical finishing Hardening process

Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung
Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung
Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung
Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung
Horstmann Maschinenbau Lackierung

Professional painting

As a special feature, Horstmann Maschinenbau has a combined painting and drying facility ready for professional surface treatment. The 25 sqm painting booth with preparation area of the same size allows us to coat series components as well as assemblies and finished plants with high-quality industrial paints.

We will be happy to implement your individual painting instructions: be it in the choice of paint system or the exclusive request for priming of the screw and joining surfaces. In any case, this means considerable time and cost savings for you. This is because the components do not have to go through the cumbersome transport route via a third-party company.

Electroplating & chemical finishing

If the intended use of your component makes it necessary to protect the metal surface against corrosion, galvanic or chemical treatment is unavoidable. In cooperation with local specialist companies, Horstmann Maschinenbau offers all common processes for galvanic and chemical finishing. These include:

Electroplating & electroless nickel plating
Galvanic & Hot Dip Galvanizing
Various anodizing processes
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We bring material quality to the highest perfection.

Hardening process

Your workpiece may still need additional hardening to make it more resistant to mechanical deformation caused by tension, compression, bending or wear. However, you do not have to lift a finger for that either. Horstmann Maschinenbau does not carry out the necessary processes in-house. Nevertheless, we have a widespread partner system with specialists who can implement the additional requirements quickly and cost-effectively. These include nitriding and nitrocarburizing in gas and plasma as well as annealing and vacuum hardening. Let us advise you and provide you with a quotation!

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