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Four decades of Germany engineering art

When mechanical master Franz Horstmann founded his company in the Westphalian Heek in 1980, he could by no means have foreseen the rapid growth his once small garage workshop would experience. In the beginning, the passionate inventor has been optimizing existing machinery to customer specifications before moving on to realizing entirely new products in his newly erected production hall. In 1989, his son and current CEO Klaus Horstmann joined the company and developed the family business into what it is today: a prospering special machine manufacturer with a staff of 48 employees and a widely recognized reputation, even beyond the national borders. The need of this growth was met repeatedly in terms of construction: In 1997, the new administrative building was completed, followed by the construction of an additional assembly hall two years later.

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Passion & skill are the pillars of our success.

1980 Founding of the company by Franz Horstmann
1983 Construction of the main production hall at the Heek site
1989 Entry of the current CEO Klaus Horstmann
1997 Move to the newly built administrative building
1999 Realization of an additional assembly hall
2006 Entry of the second partner Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Böckers

Curiosity is the engine

To this day, Horstmann Maschinenbau owes its success to what its founder inscribed into the company DNA: Finding creative solutions for challenges in machining and solving them convincingly with profound expertise, ideally before anyone else has even recognized the problem. New solutions can only be found by those who stay curious and allow the flow of unconventional thoughts. This creative element in engineering is our daily driver. Therefore, the term Deutsche Ingenieurs-Kunst, German Art of Engineering, has a literal meaning for us.

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Horstmann Maschinenbau Gebäude
Horstmann Maschinenbau Gebäude
Horstmann Maschinenbau Gebäude

Family atmosphere

Our power of innovation and far-reaching competence can only flourish because the working atmosphere is also right. Despite all the modern corporate management, we consciously preserved a grounded attitude in some areas: team spirit and mutual trust are paramount. Exchange at eye level, from the company management to the trainees, is a reality at Horstmann Maschinenbau. No less important to us are service and customer satisfaction as decisive preconditions for sustainable success. Accordingly, the proportion of returning customers is high.

We do not simply follow standards. We prefer setting them anew.


As a mechanical engineering company that is regionally rooted and nationally active, we are a long-standing member of the following associations:

• Aktive Unternehmer im Westmünsterland e.V.
• Verband Deutscher Maschinen- u. Anlagenbau e.V.

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