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Horstmann Maschinenbau Boxmaker Systems
Horstmann Maschinenbau Boxmaker Systems
Always fitting.
Perfectly packed.

With our BOXMAKER systems, you ensure huge material savings in terms of corrugated cardboard and filling material. Thereby, warehousing can be optimised and you need less transport volume through precisely fitting packaging. In this way, you protect the environment and your wallet at the same time.

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Thinking progressively. Acting down-to-earth.

For more than forty years, Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH has been a reliable partner when it comes to planning, developing and producing automated systems, production machinery and component manufacturing. We started as a producer of special machinery and developed into an internationally recognized specialist for packaging machinery.

Extensive consulting & meticulous planning
Complete execution and assembly
Comprehensive service & individual maintenance
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Technical innovation requires operational adaption.

We want to maintain our widely recognized reputation as a driver of technical innovation. This is only possible through a constant transformation of our business and re-alignment of our product catalogue. However, the fact that we are particularly strong in the field of packaging technology in addition to contract manufacturing does not mean that our knowledge and skills have dried up in the other areas. Therefore, we will be happy to continue to fulfill any deviating special machine request you may have.

Packaging systems

The latest drivers of our success are our Boxmaker Systems: modular packaging-on-demand systems that enable companies to switch their shipping operations to cost-saving production of their own shipping cartons. At the heart of these systems are the BM Cutter and BM Cutter eco series of our box-on-demand machines, which we can expand to include peripheral elements such as roller conveyors and other components.

Contract manufacturing

Our second area of activity is contract manufacturing and the development of complex mechanical and electric assemblies. Our constantly evolving machine park and highly qualified staff allow us to rapidly complete the entire production process while adhering to our high standards of precision. Per request, we perform all the required processing and finishing including in-house-paint coating.

Special machines

If you need special machines or storage and transport systems for other areas of application, Horstmann Maschinenbau is also the right contact. The development of individual, sometimes unconventional solutions has made us known far beyond the borders of the country. We have remained down-to-earth with our Münsterland attitude in three respects: pricing, absolute adherence to deadlines and the highest standards of quality.

Blog & Events

If you would like to know which projects we are currently working on or which mechanical engineering topics are of interest to us, please read our blog in the News section. There you will also find a list of all trade fairs and other events at which Horstmann Maschinenbau and Boxmaker Systems are represented. By the way: we are also active on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Take up the pursuit!


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Whatever the size or shape of your product, with our BOXMAKER systems you can create customised packaging, optimising shipping and storage processes and saving costs. The reduced consumption of corrugated cardboard and filling material also protects the environment.

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