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Horstmann Maschinenbau has deliberately named its packaging system concept Boxmaker Systems. We know that many companies are looking for a holistic solution that goes beyond a pure box-on-demand machine. Our know-how as a special machine builder enables us to integrate a variety of useful additional solutions on a modular basis. These include carton erectors, conveyors and scanners in various designs. If you need further additions, please contact us!

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Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung Kartonaufrichter Boxmaker Systems Packaging-on-Demand

Automatic carton erector

You do not want to open the cartons cut by the BM Cutter by hand? No problem! We offer a wide selection of semi-automatic and fully automatic carton erectors as a supplement. They ensure that your cartons are precisely brought into their final shape – including complex movement patterns such as hammering-in of the stabilizing flaps.

Finished boxes are thus available quickly and in large numbers without the need for an employee. The choice of the right carton erector depends, among other things, on which goods are to be packed subsequently. We will be happy to integrate carton erectors perfectly tailored to your needs.

Time saving

Speed up your cardboard box production by up to 50 %

Cost reduction

Use your precious employees for more meaningful tasks

Congestion avoidance

Carton erectors ensure the unhindered shipping process

Carton erectors speed up the shipping process considerably!

Carton sealer

Increase the efficiency of your cardboard box production to the maximum and add a carton sealer to your Boxmaker system. As with carton erectors, you can order virtually the entire range of closing machines from us. These range from semi-automatic carton sealers for manual format changeovers to fully automatic models that automatically adjust to different carton sizes. If you want to tape the bottom first and the lid later, we have separate bottom and lid closers in our program. Other options include fully automatic lid flap folders and side and vertical closure systems.

Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung Kartonaufrichter Boxmaker Systems Packaging-on-Demand
Horstmann Maschinenbau Strichzeichnung Fördertechnik

Conveyor technology

It is often necessary for your carton packages to cover longer distances until further processing. In this case, it is a good idea to add conveyor systems such as roller conveyors to the Boxmaker Systems.

Our BM Cutter models are designed to combine seamlessly with conveyor systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in building packaging lines, we can realize conveyor systems of almost any size.


We bring conveyor roads to the finish line as requested.

No haulway too far

We will be happy to develop a seamless transport and packaging line to the desired destination for you. It does not matter which route the cartons take and, whether in addition to carton erectors and sealers, other elements such as film winders or weighing and packing stations need to be integrated. The design, width, length, and course of the conveyor system are precisely tailored to your needs.

Planning and execution of complete transport lines including electrics
Integration of all additional elements, e.g. transfer units, packing stations, film wrappers
Horstmann Maschinenbau Fördertechnik
Horstmann Maschinenbau Fördertechnik
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Stationary and mobile scanners are among the most frequently requested expansion components for our Boxmaker Systems for good reason. After all, scanner technology allows all shipping data to be recorded in a fraction of a second, the identity of the goods to be recognized and the shipping route to be precisely controlled. By means of the required reader, the individually assigned codes are optically recorded with red or infrared light and made readable again via a decoding device. For our BM Cutter range, we provide a wide selection of powerful scanners from well-known manufacturers for different applications.

You want the ideal carton? We will set up a 3D scanner!

3D scanner

Use 3D scanning technology to precisely determine the individually required carton volume in advance. To do this, your transported packaging product is sent through an installed scanner tunnel to measure its size. The scanner transmits the recorded dimensions directly to the BM Cutter or BM Cutter eco, which automatically produces the precisely fitting FEFCO carton. Of course, we coordinate the 3D scanning device in terms of design, size and resolution so that it perfectly meets your requirements.

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